Meet Our Doctors

Helen Tzanetakos, O.D.

Loyola University - Chicago, Illinois College of Optometry

Helen Tzanetakos wants the world to see you as clearly as you'll see the world.
It's her ability to connect with patients and to form lasting relationships that
she excels in as a Doctor of Optometry. At Vision Boutique, it is Helen's personal
mission to keep your eyes as fashionable as they are clear-sighted. Her best
tip for your eyes? Computers cause most contact lens wearers dryness and
discomfort. Get your eyes checked every year to make sure you have the best
contacts for the job.

Malgorzata Kiwacz, O.D.

Loyola University - Chicago, Illinois College of Optometry

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland, Malgorzata Kiwacz has made Chicago
her home since she was 13. Now, if she isn't out biking, she's busy making sure
Chicagoans get a picture perfect view of the world. Margaret became a
Doctor of Optometry because, in part, she enjoys Pediatrics and working
with children. She's also happy to share the most unusual fact she learned
in school: Eyes blink 10 million times per year.

Neil Boldus, O.D.

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Illinois College of Optometry

When he's not busy bringing vision to the masses, Neil Boldus
works on his golf game, where he gives his sight and handicap
a workout. As a Doctor of Optometry, Neil has a knack for
difficult contact lens fits, taking the time and care his patients
need. His best tip for your eyes? Wear sunglasses. They protect
your eyes and the face around them. They're not just for being cool.